Attaching and Sharing Documents with Clients

TherapyZen lets you easily and securely share documents with your clients. Upload documents to your client records and make them private or shared with your client. Your client can also upload documents in the client portal that will be shared with you.

1. Getting started

Once you navigate to a client's record, click the Attached Documents tab to upload documents to the record.

2. Select documents for upload

Click the Select Files button to browse your computer for the documents you would like to attach and/or share.  Click the Upload button to attach the file to your client's record.

3. Assign an attachment category

You will also be given an opportunity to assign a category to your documents. Some of the categories available are; Clinical, Consents, Finance, Medical, and more...

4. Share documents with your client

By default any new uploads are given a status of Private which is indicated by the red padlock icon. This means that your client does not have the ability to access or download this document in the client portal.

attaching documents to a client record

To make a document accessible and available for download by your client in the portal, click the red padlock icon next to the file name. This will change the security status of the file to Shared with Client and will be indicated by a green padlock icon

attaching documents to a client record

5. Filter and search your attached documents

As your list of attached documents begins to grow, you may want to take advantage of the useful filters provided in the attached documents list. Using these filters you can search for files by name, category, and security status (private or shared).

attaching documents to a client record

Rules for uploading attached documents:

  1. Maximum allowed file size is 10 MB (10240 KB)
  2. Uploading duplicate files will not overwrite existing attachments. To avoid storing duplicates, please review the list of current attachments and delete old files prior to upload

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