Reassign a Client to Another Primary Clinician

Reassigning clients from one clinician to another is only allowed by administrators in TherapyZen. Reassignment establishes a new Primary Clinician for the reassigned client.

You must be an admin to reassign clients or the owner of the TherapyZen account. The Primary Clinician has sole ownership of the client record and is the clinician name inserted into automated emails or text messages sent to the client for notifications such as appointment reminders.

1. Getting started

Click Staff in the main navigation menu to get to your staff list.

2. Select the primary clinician

In your staff list, locate the Primary Clinician of the client that you wish to reassign. Click Details to go to the staff member's record.

3. Locate the client to reassign

Locate and click the Assigned Clients tab on the clinician's profile. Find the client you wish to reassign and click the Re-assign button found in the client record.

4. Reassign the client to a new primary clinician

Select the clinician that you wish to make the new Primary Clinician and click Save to finish.

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