Creating and Managing Custom Forms

Create your very own custom forms to document client information your way.  No matter what discipline of counseling or therapy you practice, you can create custom forms and note templates that collect all of the specific information that you want.  Custom forms that you create will appear in the notes area of all of your client records.

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu to get to the Custom Forms tab.

Create a new custom form

Click the Create Custom Note button to open the custom form builder.

2. Using the custom form builder

The Custom Form Builder consists of 2 main sections.

  1. The Workspace
  2. The Element Library

3. Customizing your new form

3a. Start by naming your form

Click the Edit Title button on your new form to give it a name. This name will appear on the form on the client record.

3b. Start adding elements to your form

Add form elements by simply clicking them in the Element Library. After adding an item, click the 'Edit' icon to complete the details of that element. Drag and drop elements to rearrange the order of them on your form.


If you use Select, Checkbox Group, or Radio Group, just make sure you fill out both sides of the Options fields. The left column should contain your options, while the right column should contain a unique letter or number for each option.  Example of a Checkbox Group Below:

4. Include diagnostic codes and digital signatures on your forms

Use the toggle buttons underneath the Element Library to include the diagnostic codes selector or clinician's digital signature at the bottom of your custom form.

5. Save and preview your custom form

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your form, click Done to save all of your changes and return to the main Settings > Custom Forms page. You will see your newly created form and a button to preview what it will look like on your client records.

6. Enable your new custom form

Custom forms are set to disabled by default to prevent unfinished forms from showing up on your client records. Once you are ready to start using your form, just click the On / Off toggle switch next to your form to make it active.

7. Use your custom form on a client record

Now that your new custom form is enabled, you can now start using it. Just go to a client record and locate the Notes tab. Select your custom note from the Note Type Selector and click the Create button to use your new form.

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