Clinician Earnings By Pay Period Report

View a detailed report of your clinician's earnings per pay period, based on their retainage rate. Easily locate any clinician within your practice and access a comprehensive report of all payments received from each invoice, filtered by date range. To ensure accuracy, it deducts stripe fees and refunds from each clinician's total revenue. To learn more about entering clinician retainage rates click here.

Report Top Level Columns

Each top level row in this report provides the following information:

  • Clinicians
  • Retainage Rate
  • Total Payments
  • Total Earnings

Report 2nd Level Columns

Expand the top row of this report to view a detailed list of transactions for every clinician. These reports will contain the following information:

  • Invoice Number
  • Client Name
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Amount
  • Stripe Fees
  • Refund Amounts
  • Retained Amounts
Note: All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF

1. Getting started

Navigate to the Reports area of TherapyZen

2. Locate the Clinician Earnings By Pay Period report

3. Set Dates for Pay Period

Select a start and end date to view earnings within a specified range.

4. Select Clinician to view a detailed report

Click the arrow adjacent to the Clinician's name will reveal a more comprehensive report, which encompasses stripe fees and refund amounts to ensure accuracy.

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