Send Portal Activation Emails to Your Clients

Find out which clients have not yet activated their free portal account.  Send activation email invites to your clients individually or to multiple clients in bulk.  

Sending invites to individual clients

Every client record has a client portal widget that informs you of their portal and intake status.  Learn more about this widget and how to send individual clients a portal activation email by clicking here.

Sending invites to multiple clients in bulk

View a report of all clients who have not yet activated their free client portal account.  Select all or multiple clients to email and send all your invitations at once.

1. Getting Started

Navigate to the Reports area of Therapyzen

2. Locate the report titled, "Clients Who Have Not Activated Their Portal Account".

3. Review client list

This report displays all active clients who have not registered and activated their free client portal account.  Until they do, they will remain in this list.

4. Select clients and send invites

Select any or all clients that you would like to send activation emails.  Once selected, click the Send button located at the top right of the page.  Clients without an email address on file can not be selected and will be excluded from the bulk email.

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