Taking a Prepayment (When no open invoices exist)

Clients may want to prepay for services before you have scheduled an appointment with them.  To accommodate this scenario, any prepayments you take will be stored as account credit on the client's ledger.  These account credits can then be applied to future invoices after you have rendered services.  Follow these steps below to record a prepayment from your client.

A prepayment can be recorded if the client has no open invoices as well as when there are current open invoices. The procedure for recording a prepayment is slightly different for each scenario. This article will explain how to take prepayment when the client currently has no open invoices.

1. Getting Started

To take a prepayment, navigate to the client record and locate the ledger tab.

2. Accept a client prepayment

Use the 'Accept Payment' option found in the ledger action button dropdown menu.

3. Enter prepayment details

When the client has no open invoices, Therapyzen will automatically assume you are wanting to take a prepayment.  The 'Create Account Credit' form will appear to let you enter the prepayment details.  Select the payment method to be used and enter the payment amount.

Click Save Payment to complete your transaction and store the prepayment as account credit.

4. Verify and review your prepayment

Once your transaction is complete, the client ledger will now reflect your prepayment in the Account Credit total at the top of the client's ledger.  This account credit will be stored as a payment option for any future invoices.

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