Group Records

Managing group records in TherapyZen is super simple.  All of your group information is stored in a single place.  The groupprofile is made up of two sections: The profile panel and the tabs area.

Screenshot of a group record

The Profile Panel

The profile panel contains the following widgets:

The profile ID card

The profile id card contains all of the primary contact information of each
of your group members. You can also toggle the group's status between
active and inactive from here.

Other things you can do from here:
  • Add additional group members
  • Email the group
  • Collapse and expand the group list
  • Edit the group name
  • Delete group members

The Appointment Status widget

The appointment status widget shows you any current appointment for your 
client.  You can use the calendar filters to navigate to any specific day of the
month.  Use the Check-In button to set the status of the displayed appointment.

The Upcoming Appointments widget

View all of the future appointments for your client.

The Profile Tabs Area

The profile tabs are where all of your group data is stored.  Navigate through these tabs to build your group records.

The Office Notes tab

The office notes tab is for administrative notes only.  Do not use this tab for clinical notes.

The Notes tab

Use this tab to enter your session notes, treatment plans or custom notes.  This is where all of your clinical notes will live.  Clinical notes added to a group record will also copy down to the individual record of each client within the group.  This makes sure that any session related activity for a client always ends up on their invidividual record.

The Ledger

The ledger is where all of your group invoicing and billing resides.  Use this tab to create invoices, accept payments, create write offs and credits.  Invoicing groups can be done in 3 different ways:

  • Create a single invoice for one member of the group.
  • Create full amount invoices for each group member.
  • Split the fee equally and create an invoice for each group member.

The Appointment History tab

Track all of your group's appointments.  See the date, service performed, fee amount and appointment status.

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