Manage My To-Do List

TherapyZen helps you organize your to-do's by providing you with a useful little widget on the dashboard. Get rid of all those pesky post-it notes on your desk and save all your to-do's right here.

1. Add a task to your To-Do list.

To add a task, simply click the 'Create Task' button to display the new task form.

2. Enter your task details.

Use the Edit Task form to enter your to-do item details such as title, description, & due date.

3. Mark a task as complete.

Once a task has been completed, simply click the checkbox next to the task description. This will hide completed tasks from your list. To view any complete tasks, use the filter above the checkboxes to filter your list.

4. Show all your completed tasks.

Use the status filter to show all your completed to-do items.  You can return a completed item to your list of incomplete items.

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