Prepopulate Therapy Notes and Treatment Plans

To help speed up your note taking, Therapyzen offers the ability to prepopulate a new therapy note with the data from your previous note.  This avoids having to start from scratch and entering any repeating information such as diagnosis codes, assessments and evaluations.  Any signed note or treatment plan can be used to populate a new note of the same format.

1. Getting Started

Navigate to a client record and click on the "Notes" tab. Locate the " Pre-populate Notes" checkbox.  This will trigger the duplication of a previous note or treatment plan upon creating a new one.

2. Select the template you would like to use and create your new note or treatment plan.

What you need to know:
  • For a note to be used for prepopulating a future note, it must be a signed note.
  • There are many different note templates. You must be select the same template as a previously completed note to prepopulate with that data.
  • Treatment plans will also prepopulate with data from a previous treatment plan.
  • Custom note templates will also prepopulate with data from a previous custom note template.
  • Selecting this option does not get saved. You will need to select this feature before creating any new note or treatment plan for the prepopulate process to take effect.

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