Approving or Denying Appointment Requests

The client portal gives your clients the ability to see your calendar availability and schedule appointments online.  You can elect to automatically accept those appointment requests or you can choose to implement an approval process.  The approval process lets you see the requested date, time, client name, and service requested.  Once you have your client portal preferences set in the Settings area, follow these steps to approve or deny an appointment request.

Important Detail!

Navigate to Settings > Client Portal to set your preference on automatically accepting appointment requests or implementing an approval process.

1. To approve or deny an appointment request.

You will receive an email as well as a system notification when a client makes an appointment request.

2. Find the appointment request on your calendar.

Navigate to your scheduling calendar and locate the request based on the date provided in the email and notification.  You'll notice that the appointment request shows up with a striped red background.

3. To accept the request.

If you would like to accept the request and convert it to a scheduled appointment, simply double click the appointment.  This will display the approval form.  Select the 'Yes' option and click Save to keep the appointment.

4. To deny the request.

To deny the request, select the 'No' option and you will then see a text box appear.  This text box will give you an opportunity to let your client know the reason for your denial.  The client will receive and email with your reason and the appointment will be removed from your calendar.

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