Assign a Third Party Payer to a Client

Some of your clients may have their invoices paid for by an outside agency or other third party organization.  Once you setup your third party payers in Settings, you can assign a payer to specific client records.  This lets you attribute invoices to the associated third party payer.  To assign a third party payer to a client, follow these steps:

1. Getting started

Navigate to a client record and locate the Billing widget found in the proflle panel.

2. Add a payer

Click the Add Payer link to display a list of all Third Party Payers configured in the system. Click Save to finish.

(Third party payer assigned to client)

3. Select the assigned Third Party Payer as the payment method when paying an invoice. 

When an invoice is going to be paid by a Third Party, select the name of the outside organization when paying an invoice.  The Third Party payer's name will show up in the Payment Method dropdown when paying a client's invoice.

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