Adding Office Notes to a Client Record

The office notes tab of a client profile is for non-clinical administrative notes.  These notes are intended to be used as reminders or leave messages for other clinicians with access to the client's profile.  There are four categories of office notes: administrative, billing, medical, scheduling.

1. Getting Started

Navigate to a client record.  The Office Notes tab is always displayed by default on all client records.

2. Create an office note

Click the New Office Note button to display the office note form. 

3. Complete your office note

Select the appropriate category for your note and enter your note details.  If the note is a high-priority item that you'd like to draw attention to, click the This is a High Priority Note checkbox before saving.  High priority notes are always displayed at the top of the office notes tab and a red icon is placed on the office notes tab to draw attention.  Click Save when you are done editing your new note.

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