Setup Third Party Payers

TherapZen provides a unique feature for practices that have third party organizations fund therapy for specific clients.  This feature lets you setup payer funds that can be used to pay invoices.  You can then provide those organizations with detailed billing reports.  Start by adding your third party payers in TherapyZen.

1. Getting started

Navigate to the Settings area of TherapyZen and locate the Third Party Payers tab.

2. Enter a payer

Click the New Payer button to add a new payer

3. Payer Details

Enter the name and any miscellaneous notes about the payer.  If the payer has prepaid for services, enter the full dollar amount of payment.  If the payer will be billed later, leave the Initial Funds field empty.  (Invoices attributed to this payer will begin to create a balance due.)

4. Add Multiple Payers

Add as many payers as necessary.  

  • Use the Edit button to make changes to a payer record.
  • Use the Add Funds button to record any interim payments made by a payer towards their fund.

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